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Providing valuable insights into your finances


Our team at CBG Partners – from our Managing Partners, right through to our administration staff - believe that every client is unique and important. We take the time to understand what you need and where you want to go - no matter how complex or how simple your financial arrangements may be.

Our team are focused on empowering you to understand and follow the pathways that provide the best outcomes for your business needs.

Your business success is our priority. We will not promise the world and deliver an atlas. At CBG Partners, we do what we say and deliver results, every time.

Your results are driven by our knowledge and experience, reinforced with a partnership built on accountability and action.




CBG Partners

your powerful business ally


Independent Business Partner

Our CBG Partners’ Independent Business Partners provide valuable insights into your business, creating tailored strategies and results driven solutions that align with what you truly want your business to achieve.

Our Independent Business Partners take the time to understand the key drivers to your business success. We are your accountability partner, working side by side with you to implement successful strategies. Our knowledge and real-world experience gives you a strong foundation to create faster and more efficient services while keeping your costs down and results high quality.

Planning for your future, starts now

Financial and Business Planning is about understanding what’s happened historically in your business, finding the truth of where you are now, and creating plans and strategies to achieve your ideal future.

It’s also about making sure that once you have those plans and strategies, you can actually make them happen – with accountability along the way.

Our CBG Partners Independent Business Partners work with you side by side, to action your plans and strategies, offering real-time advice and guidance as you build financial wealth - for as long as you need. At CBG Partners, we’re with you for the long term 


CBG Partners

Leveraging your financial capabilities for maximum growth


Business Solutions

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, we work with you to maximise and leverage your finances, so you can achieve success that’s right for your business. Our CBG Partners specialist knowledge and experience allow us to gauge where your business fits financially within your industry. From this, we’re able to develop clearer and more effective strategies to achieve your financial targets.

From GST and BAS related matters to financial statements and tax return preparation – no client is “too big” or “too small”. Through cloud-based technologies, you can receive assistance from us in real time, to implement targeted strategies immediately and achieve your goals sooner. We’ll give you practical advice and demonstrate how you can have the freedom to access your office where and when you want it to be: on the road, at home or overseas.

Our CBG Partners services include:

  • Better Business Program

  • Business and financial forecasting

  • Business value and change management

  • Cloud accounting technologies

  • Small business accounting

CBG Partners

Plan and achieve YOUR vision of success


Financial Future

No matter what future you dream of, CBG Partners are here for you. We’ll access your current financial situation and then guide you through the critical steps of planning and actioning your financial plans. Our team will work side by side with you every step of the way while you achieve your dream plans.

The Future is Yours

CBG Partners are your superannuation specialists, providing comprehensive superannuation and retirement planning services. When we prepare your superannuation funds’ year end requirements, we’ll also look after your related entities’ taxation and business needs so that all matters can be dealt with using a universal approach. We can also prepare trust account audits and required statutory documentation so that you are covered at every stage of your life.

 Our CBG Partners services include:

  • Self-managed super funds

  • Estate planning

  • Business succession planning

CBG Partners

Improve your financial wellbeing


Personal Financial Solutions

It’s important to recognise where you currently are financially, so that we can help you find and understand the right path for your future. To do that, you need an accountant that does more for you than simply processing and lodging your annual tax return. Which is why we offer a FREE financial health check-up. It’s an in-depth look at your personal situation, with clear advice to help improve your current financial wellbeing. Our vital check-up includes home loan, income protection and life insurance recommendations.

Our CBG Partners services include:

  • Tax planning

  • Financial health assessments

  • Net wealth management plans