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  • Your Community, Our History

    November 30, 2016
  • Did you know that the township of Mackay was originally named “Alexandra”?  The name of the “Mackay River” was changed to (what we now know as) the Pioneer River, and since the government didn’t want to detract from John Mackay’s discovery of the area, the name chosen for the township was changed to Mackay.1

    Similarly, while our firm has been operating in Mackay for many years, we have not always been known as CBG Partners.

    Initially established in the 1930’s as F.S. Williams & Co. by Stanley Williams, whose daughter Sybil was the first female accountant and auditor in Mackay (and one of the first, if not the first, in Queensland), the company was later renamed Poole Williams.2  In 2007 we entered into a business partnership with Kern Group, which included the merger of local firms Poole Williams, Mackay Business Services and Mackay Accountants & Advisors, and expanded our base of operations to include offices in Cairns and Brisbane as well as Mackay.

    In 2015 we moved away from the Kern Group affiliation and, as the firm had been part of the business group “Colleton Business Group” since 2003, we felt the name CBG Partners better reflected who we are.  CBG Partners now has an ownership and management team consisting of three partners, as well as 16 professional and support staff.

    Notwithstanding the changes in our firm’s name, our focus still remains on providing you with the highest levels of service and professionalism. It is a core objective of CBG Partners to provide you with prompt and efficient service combined with an understanding of both local and regional issues which impact on your business performance.

    We also strive to foster our staff relationships and, over time, we hope to bring more of our managers and accountants into our business ownership as partners.

    The CBG Partners team is very excited about the opportunities we can provide to you, and we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to provide you with the level of service all of our valued clients currently enjoy.


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    2  Ford, L. (2001). Poorhouse to Paradise: The Adventures of a Pioneering Family in a North Queensland Country Town.  p.178.